Our symbol is our logotype for the corporate brand throughout the world.

The corporate logotype currently focuses on its red, white and blue symbol to reinforce attachment and recognition in every country.

In order to allow our logotype to fully and clearly express itself, no text or references should appear near to it.

The logotype

The colours of the logotype are red, blue and white. The logotype colours may not be adapted in any way.

The Pantone® version

This is reserved solely for use with stationery.

The CMYK version

This applies to all print communication documents (publication, signage, etc.)

The RGB version

This applies to Office and digital documents.

The RAL version

This is used when the logotype is painted (certain signage media, etc.).

The white reserve version

This is used when the logotype is on a dark background.

The black monochrome version

This version of the logotype is only used for Office applications and in the case of printing constraints.

The symbol

For corporate communications, the symbol can be shown in its reference colours (red, white, and blue), monochrome black and white reserve, under the conditions set forth in this guide.

Specific symbol colours reserved for Carrefour stores

The symbol colour can be chosen based on the colour of the existing store format.

Use of the symbol in a halftone colour for store-brand products

For store-brand products, a halftone version of the symbol can be used on a background of Carrefour colours.


Any other colour adaptation is strictly prohibited.

The buffer

We have decided to adopt a single symbol with which to sign our communications.
It is essential to protect its application so that it can properly fulfil its role.

Main buffer area

This version should be used as often as possible for communication documents. It is the same width as the logotype.

Minimum buffer area

This is for exceptional uses and reserved for certain applications that are more restrictive (business cards, signage, promo items, etc.).
It is the same width as the red part of the logotype.

The minimum

This minimum size must be respected to preserve the visibility of the logotype.

The logotype should not be used at width less than 10 mm.

The maximum

The size of the logotype must be controlled in your documents.

Size fundamentals

On an A5 page, the width of the logotype should not be greater than 50 mm.
In a PowerPoint® (excluding event presentations), the width of the logotype should not be greater than 36 mm.

In general, a sizable white buffer area should be used to ensure the logotype is given sufficient space.

The use of
the logotype

on backgrounds

When integrating the logotype, a white background is preferred. If using a coloured background, the appropriate version of the logotype should be chosen (colour or reserve), to ensure readability.

Use on a white background

The logotype is primarily used on white backgrounds.

Use on coloured backgrounds

The white reserve version of the logotype must be used on backgrounds that use Carrefour’s colour palette.

Associating words
with the logotype

The Carrefour symbol can only be associated with stores names emblems, including service subsidiaries (i.e. services offered in-store, and which require a separate sign).

The symbol is managed separately from the name in the following three cases:
– for commercial or corporate services;
– for product labels;
– in order to identify a project.

The logotype
and identities

of internal

Creating specific logotypes for different internal departments is prohibited.

Entity names are composed in Museo Sans.

The entities’ communication materials can incorporate iconographic or illustrative elements, in accordance with the styles defined in the guide, to increase recognition beyond their name.

The restrictions

The logotype must be reproduced without any alteration. Its design, colours, shape and angle may not be modified.


Download the corporate logotype files here.

The Carrefour corporate logotype

The folder contains the corporate logotype files for print, web and Office uses.